While at Greater St. Paul Church as an intern, you will experience dynamic worship, excellent ministry practice, and a myriad of service opportunities that will enhance your calling and prepare you for a lifetime of effective ministry leadership. You will also take part in a personal discipleship and mentorship program that will allow you to deepen your faith and strengthen the uniqueness and influence of your calling.

Minister Development Internship Program

Greater St. Paul Church equips the most promising ministers and prepares each individual for ministry effectiveness, leadership development, and ministry preparation.  Interns in this Program are provided various opportunities which include: an all-encompassing ministry experience covering every ministry area of the church, the possibility for obtaining Seminary credits, mentorships established with pastors and influential vocational leaders in our community, and focus on ministry preparation and leadership development.  This is a great opportunity for study, research, teaching preparation, special projects, and gaining valuable and unique ministry experience.

Seasonal Internship Program

This Program seeks to provide valuable experience, equipping and evaluation for those considering a call to ministry.  The program includes: 10-week opportunities (typically summer); ministry specific assignments - i.e. Children’s, Students, Missions (community and global), and Counseling; assessments of gifts, strengths, growth areas, and ministry development; and development of a growth plan.

For additional information about our Ministry Internships, please contact our Administration Office at 510.452.0803 or via email at