Core Values

At Greater St. Paul Church, we are a people who know our God and we’re committed to doing great exploits for Him. (Daniel 11:32)   In all that we do, we endeavor to make sure that we …

Seek God

We are committed to seeking God’s guidance first and foremost in every decision we make – whether large or small.  We are committed to seeking His presence wholeheartedly during our Worship Services and in everything else we do.
–Matthew 6:33, Jeremiah 29:13

Share Christ

We are committed to following Jesus’ final command –to go into all the world and share the Gospel.  We commit to sharing our never-ending faith in Him with excellence.
-Matthew 28:19

Serve People

We are committed to making a difference in the world by serving people.  We demonstrate the love of Christ by showing our love for people and serving them where we can.
-Matthew 25:40