One of the great passions of the GSP Church Family is to intentionally share in the process of Christian growth and development of individuals and families.  GSP offers many outlets for discipleship—personally and corporately.  Classes are offered to strengthen the faith of those who believe, and to encourage those who are on a journey toward faith.


GSP is committed to using new and innovative strategies to reach people for Christ. Through the use of today’s technology, we are able to share our faith in new, exciting ways.  Our Sunday Celebration Services are streamed live weekly, and video of these Services and other events are available on demand.  This expands the work of GSP exponentially.


Beyond growth in faith, we believe in the whole development of every individual, and strive to be an encouraging and comforting body of Believers. GSP exists for people…those here and those yet to come.  As we develop our people in Christian living, we desire to see individuals and families strengthened by the love shared among the people of our church.